I called Ken initially to discuss him representing me to buy a commercial business that i found myself, we had a great conversation, he is very responsive and knowledgeable when it comes to buying a business. I did not acquire his services because my lawyer friend who i knew for years, chose to represent me in the purchase.  Ken called me sometime later to see how did my purchase go, which I mentioned that i did not buy it at the end. He was happy to review  the businesses he had  in his portfolio that may match my experience and needs, and possibly match  my profile. He told me about an established  HVAC business that caught my interest. I later  placed an offer on it, I have to say that Ken has a great level of Emotional Intelligence, he is hardworking, always available, will work fairly with both buyer and seller. Sure there was issues with the purchase, which he quickly tried to resolve before they effected the sale. Overall Ken is  very experienced and well connected and offers friendly honest service. The deal  closed in August with little or no glitches, and I have a long term friend with Ken and plan on working with him to find future acquisitions. I give full reference to anyone who requests one.

-Dennis L Proud Owner Hvac Company

“We were skeptical in selling our restaurant in the beginning, after a family situation we decided to sell, and Ken did a great job and got us 95% of our asking price. I would recommend Ken to anyone interested in selling their business”

– Eddie (Owner Seller) Greek Restaurant Mississauga

“Ken showed me several options in terms of businesses to invest in. I had a background running a Pizza business, and chose to pursue a business in this field. I eventually found a restaurant that i liked, but the price was way above my budget, Ken then referred me to several options for financing. I now own the restaurant for 3 months, and extremely happy with the  transition and purchase. I am glad to give my reference to anyone wishing to buy a business with Kens assistance”

-Sammy (Buyer) Restaurant

“I owned 2 Pubs in the Burlington area, Ken assisted in selling the first one several months ago. Because of his attitude and persistence, I acquired his services to sell my second Pub. After a few offers and some time it too was sold. I would recommend and give reference for Ken to any business owner if needed”

-Kumar(Seller) Pub & Grill

“We worked with Ken in finding an indoor playground that will fit our business needs. We had tight deadlines and strict requirements to justify our investment. Ken was patient and was able to negotiate a good deal in the targeted time. Ken was always available and responded quickly to our business needs. Ken is a good business partner.”

-Omar(Buyer) (Co-founder Robotics business)


“I’m the former owner of Wrights Dry Cleaners, which has a large footprint in the dry cleaning industry in Ontario. We decided to sell the business after 40 years in the industry. The sale was to be confidential, for our concern was the employees. From  start to finish the sale took over 12 months, Ken was consistent with his professional attitude and persistence on negotiating  the best and fairest deal for both sides. This transaction had many  challenges which caused some trauma, however using his experience Ken ensured us that with the proper plan, this deal will conclude.

Trust is the biggest obstacle when it comes to selling a business, and Ken proved that he can get the job done. We are happy to give references to any inquiring person, and will be using his services for other business interests.”


Feroz Mitthani (Seller) (Former Owner Wrights Cleaners)


“Simply put, our purchase of a Restaurant and Warehouse would never happen without Kens full efforts mediating between Us(Buyer), Seller and Landlord. We commend him for his patience for not wavering till the conclusion of this transaction.  I give full reference to anyone seeking it. Our franchise will be definitely using Kens services in the future”

S. Rana(Principle at Lazeez Shawarma Franchisor)


I was listed with another Business Broker for over 6 months, there was little or minimal activity.  I was confused why it could not sell so sought out another agent. When the listing expired I decided to go with Ken.  He was surprised the listing price(valuation) was so low. He convinced me to raise the price by more then 60%. We had quite the adventure selling the place, and received a few offers, each had issues of their own. It finally sold, at 93% the asking price and I am very happy with the way Ken handled the situations from beginning to end. There are not too many genuine people that help you out there but Ken fought every step of the way to get the job done. Now I can move on to other endeavours in peace.  I give full references to anyone needing it, and will use his services in the future.

Mike Kois (Owner Keepin it Greek Restaurant)

I’m the owner of a Coras Breakfast & Lunch Franchise, I decided to sell the business and use Kens services to find the right buyer. After some time I received and accepted an offer, Ken organized the transaction from beginning to end, and impressed me with his positive attitude and organization to get the job done. I am happy with his services and will give reference to anyone wishing one.

Hamza. A  (Owner Coras Breakfast & Lunch Franchise)

Ken was my agent to sell my Sports Pub in Etobicoke. Ken is a hard worker and was always focused on getting us the best buyer and price for the business. After a few months it was sold. I would recommend anyone to use his services.

– Arul. R  Owner Beer & Wings Pub

I would have written two pages but I will settle for this for now. Working with Ken is like getting a great burden lifted off your shoulders! You put yourself in the hands of the professionals and they go about doing their job superbly. At the other side of the experience you’re left in a calm, relaxed state. No need to worry about any of the details as everything is taken care of for you. I have called, messaged, and emailed Ken at odd hours and late in the night; without fail Ken responded very promptly. Expert guidance; great customer care; awesome marketing. Thanks Ken for all your help and making the purchase smooth and easy.

Obaid R. President Jellybeenz Indoor Kids Playground (Buyer)


I just sold my Pub in Mississauga. Ken was my agent, he is an excellent professional. He took care of all theDifficult things  that is needed to sell the  business. He literally saved my life, for my wife had personal health issues and we could not continue on. I will never forget his help, and recommend him to anyone who needs a reference. I will be using his services in the future to find a business that will allow me to retire with a supplemental income.

Charley Sun (Owner of Pump on Rathburn)

I am the former owner of Eggsmart in Mississauga. Ken was my agent to sell the business. Although He brought a few qualified buyers to the table, not all qualified for the acquisition. Throughout the transaction he remained focused and determined. eventually he sourced the perfect buyer, hence the business was sold. I recommend and give reference for  Kens services to any business owner wishing to sell their business.

Mahmood A. (Owner Eggsmart)

After Ken sold my restaurant approx two  years ago, I asked Ken if he knows or can find a restaurant that can offer me gainful employment to carry on my skill set. He enthusiastically assisted and arranged a meeting with a restaurant owner that needed assistance. two years later the owner of the restaurant I work for considered selling his business, and Ken mediated as well as become the realtor for this transaction. I am now the proud owner of a established restaurant in Mississauga and I am very happy with Kens attitude and demeanor to get the job done, he genuinely cares about your well being. We will consider franchising the business in the future and will use Ken as our realtor of choice.

Mike Kois (New Owner Gyros Place Restaurant)

Ken is a professional and very knowledgeable agent. He has an enormous experience and knows ins and outs of the industry, which makes it easy to work with. His network is huge and extensive. Ken introduced my business to a lot of potential customers from all around the world. Sale went smooth, fast and hassle free. Ken made sure every party was satisfied with outcome and got me 82% of my asking price. I can’t be more happy with his service.

Thank you Ken!

With regards,

Ivan Everstov (Former Owner Playground In Vaughan, Ontario)


Ken definitely is a reliable realtor to work with. He helped me close a business deal from start to finish and I can tell that he will never put any sort of pressure no matter what. Besides, he is also very responsive in anything you ask for or need clarification of. I was very happy having Ken as my commercial realtor.

Subash .N  (New Owner of Cora Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant  South Western Ontario)


Ken was our agent for selling our Hotel in Norfolk which had been an icon in the city for over 100 years, we chose an non local agent because of Kens experience as well as buyer base was not only in the GTA but worldwide. He did a great job from beginning to end.

Tom .S  (Former Owner)

After trying to sell my business on my own for six months, I made the decision to have Ken Paes sell my business. I am relieved and happy that I made this important business decision. Immediately Ken’s support and expertise impressed me. I look forward to having Ken guide me through the sale of the my business, even during a pandemic. This may be one of my biggest business decisions yet.

Tanya Lavie – Founder & Owner – Balls of Fun Inc.

To whom it may concern
I met Ken through a businesses for sale magazine about 1 and a half years ago around April 2019
I somehow thought he is another pretty real estate face
My Printing business was listed for sale on a website
For at least 4 years by me.
So I had nothing to loose to list my bus with him for 6 month
Than things started to happen just before this terrible COVID-19
Ken suggested that all the tire kickers to get rid of then in a spit minute is to ask one simple question do you have any money to buy this business?
Than one day during the COVID pandemic in middle of July
Ken brought in 3 people from the same family
All with masks on their faces and I thought what a waste of time they left after exactly 8 minutes after touring my shop
To make a very long story short it is now September 20 2020
I signed off all the papers on the 18th of September and tomorrow Monday the 21th I’m picking up the cheque from my lawyer
That’s it Signed. Now I’m working with these 3 lucky beautiful people to transition my business to them.
PS: Ken you can publish this honest and true testimonial
Here is my phone number xxx xxx xxxx to check if I m telling a true story

(For full Testimonial Contact Ken)

Tony Di Leo former president of Firestone printing

Ken is a great agent. He worked with us selling our bistro a couple years ago in Oakville. We then took some time off and when we were ready to look for another, Ken was right there again. He found us a great location in Mississauga for our new concept. Now together we will source more locations to expand our concept to all parts of the GTA. Ken. Thank you for everything and we look forward to a long prosperous relationship.
Nick – Team Char’D
To whomsoever it concerns:
Ken was my agent to sell my Restaurant in Mississauga because I heard he had a good reputation and was very experienced selling businesses. We had an accepted offer soon after signing with him, however covid hit and created a insecure period for restaurants. Anyways, im happy to say we finally sold our Restaurant in June, during the covid hurdle and can now enjoy my trip to Costa Rica and explore other personal ventures. Thank you Ken
Sujoy (Owner Of Masala Bites)
Ken is a wonderful person! He provided us with excellent customer service, is knowledgeable and offered us great advice. You don’t meet too many people as genuine as him. From start to finish of purchasing our new business, he made everything seamless, and also followed up with us once we were officially opened- just to see how we were doing. Again, genuine person, great customer service- you know you’re in good hands with Ken!
Nadia Soranno (Owner Of  Soranno’s Restaurant)



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